Table Tennis Friends

Within our association, extensive youth work and talent promotion are carried out in order to meet the requirements of the Bad Königshofen table tennis site.
The club of TT friends actively supports our volunteer work at the club. With a donation contribution, the members of the funding group help us to fulfill our diverse tasks. These contributions, which the youngsters rely on together with their coaches, supervisors and the many helpers, allow us to continuously improve training conditions.

Join us in our promotion group! All sponsors are listed on this page by name. As a non-profit organisation, we are of course happy to provide you with a tax-deductible donation certificate via your donation amount.

Braun Matthias
Braun Gertrud
Deutsch Detlef and Maria
Dümpert Rudi and Marianne
Feicht Karl-Heinz and Elisabeth
Funk Helmut
Halbig Ernst and Rosemarie
Heckenlauer Bernhard and Daniela
Heibrock Jochen and Marianne
Hippold Bruno and Alma
Hippold Mathias
Hoffmann Dr. Jürgen
Hoffmann Dr. Michael
Hofmann Ehrenfried and Monika
Hofmann Frank
Joachim Günter and Gabriele
Lediger Albrecht
Lindenmayer Florian
Loster Hans
Mendel Peter
Menzel Heiko
Neubert Gerhard
Repasky Klaus
Schneider Jürgen
Schreppel Jürgen and Esther
Schüller Egon and Almuth
Straub Christian