Sensational end to the season


Miracles always exist – won for the second time at Borussia Düsseldorf.

Bad Königshofen(rd) “Borussia with a top cast against Bad Königshofen.” Thus wrote the Westdeutsche newspaper, but not because of the great respect for the “Upper Franconia.” Boll was spared in the last game, he should get match practice. Likewise, that top-ranked line-up, because the Championsleague return match against Yekaterinburg is imminent on Thursday and next weekend’s play-offs against Saarbrücken, into whom one wanted to go with a positive result. Also should be held second place to enjoy home law in the possible third game. 1100 spectators came to witness this onset into the decisive phase of the season.

In the first two games, however, the pleasure rights had the “sparring partner” from Frankonia, against which one had already moved very close to the edge of a defeat in the first leg. Their head coach Itagaki had poked with the few trump cards in the squad and put Oikawa in position 2, Majoros at 1 and Ort at 3. That meant the actual one-one duel Timo Boll against Mizuki Oikawa at the start. In which the little Japanese showed the Borussen, who had shown great interest to him for the next season, demonstrated what has eluded them and remained to Bad Königshofen. 8:11 in the first set for Boll: Everything in the lot, but it indicated there’s still something going on. From then on, Oikawa played boldly and cheeky, as if he didn’t even know where he is playing and against whom: At the 30-time German champion and against the number 5 in the world rankings. When Boll had given up the second set (9:11) and then the third with 11:13, the monument was curried and the 1100 supported it with “On it Timo, on goes.” But coach Danny Heisters and manager Andreas Preuß expressions became increasingly sinister. In the fourth round, the obligatory dowel of concentration at Oikawa to the 5:11. But in the fifth set he dishevelled Timo Boll with 11:7 and it looked as if he apologised to the Shakehands at the best German table tennis player of all time – 1:0 for the TSV.

Now Bence Majoros, who was suffering from back pain, had the honour against Sweden’s Anton Källberg. 11:7 for the young Hungarian in the first set. What was going on? His personal record promised everything, just no victory in this game. 9:11 in the second set – so yes. 11:9 in the third and 11:8 in the fourth set for 3:1 success. Why not more often and earlier so, valuable Bence Majoros? 2:0 for the TSV.

After the break, Kilian Ort faced the Hercules task against Sweden’s Kristian Karlsson, number 15 in the world rankings. The Borussia coach had also poached. With him as number three, it was rather not to be expected. Karlsson seemed motivated to the tips of his hair and was aware of his responsibilities. A defeat and a 0:3 against the table eighth would not have been a recommendation for the tasks at hand. Karlsson was so hot that he didn’t even go between sets to his trainer, but wanted to keep his temperature through dancing in the box. Kilian Ort played great table tennis, far better than the 0-3 defeat suggests. There were nuances in the rallies, per thousand of details, which he did less well. For the normal viewer to recognize at most in slow motion. Only 2:1.

And 2:2, when Bence Majoros was brought back to reality by Timo Boll. In the first sentence he still held rather disrespectful. Then he could handle it. Where Boll’s facial expressions looked bored, of course it was not. But he did not have to worry about that. But Bence had delivered before. No one expected more from him. But what was to be expected from the double Oikawa / Ort, who played together only once, three years ago in the 2nd league? The first two sets were sobering. It confirmed what was to be feared by non-insiders. The well-established and successful right-left-hander combination Karlsson / Källberg played doubles, the two from Bad Königshofen, a bit exaggerated, two individual next to each other. Where no one had the space to stand properly to the ball and the routes were more escape routes, so as not to disturb the other. Two times 6:11, two teaching and learning sets. The seemingly enough to sniff and get used to each other. But now they play all or nothing, fully offensively, because defensive balls come back slower and more time left to dodge. But 11: 2 and then 14:12 with the fifth set ball and purely in the final set, which was previously lost seven times before in the season. But the two pushed theirselves, got him with 11:3. They were heartfelt and Kilian lifted Mizuki like a child on his shoulders: First season game won, the last also and between a lot, that makes appetite to the next season.

Timo Boll- Mizuki Oikawa 2:3(11:8/9:11/11:13/11:5/7:11)
Anton Källberg – Bence Majoros 1:3 (7:11/11:9/9:11/8:11)
Kristian Karlsson – Kilian Ort 3:0 (11:6/11:8/11:7)
Timo Boll – Bence Majoros 3:0 (11:9/11:2/11:5)
Karlsson/Källberg – Oikawa/Ort 2:3 (11:6/11:6/2:11/12:14/3:11)
Chief referee: Klaus Seipold
Spectators: 1100